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The one and only SEC-Registered

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This is the official website of the Claver Mineral Development Corporation.

Any entity operating without the express authorization, affiliation, or endorsement of Claver Mineral Development Corporation Group is hereby warned: such actions are not only illegitimate but constitute a flagrant violation of the law. Be advised that unauthorized operations will be met with the fullest extent of legal repercussions. We will decisively report these infractions to the authorities, ensuring that perpetrators face stringent penalties.


我们强烈建议所有合作伙伴严格核实任何声称代表或与 Claver Mineral Development Corp 有关联的个人或实体的凭证。真正的代表将由管理员直接提供的可验证文件来支持。


与欺诈代理打交道的后果并非入狱,而是您将无法获得您所购买的矿产。除非得到 Claver Mineral Development Corporation 的授权和背书,否则装载矿产的船只将不被允许离开港口。


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